Comments on: Greetings from the new Regional THATCamp Coordinator! The Humanities and Technology Camp Tue, 08 Mar 2011 21:52:08 +0000 hourly 1 By: George Sun, 16 May 2010 13:20:46 +0000 Glad to hear the news about Mellon funding and the new position, Amanda!

Just a quick note about (and pointer to) THATCamp RTP (@THATCampRTP, which Jade E. Davis kickstarted recently for the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill region. Plans are still evolving.

By: Amanda French Fri, 14 May 2010 19:30:42 +0000 There is a THATCamp Canberra in the works,, but THATCamp Melbourne would be great.

By: Sigi Jottkandt Fri, 14 May 2010 07:50:25 +0000 Very exciting, Amanda! I love the idea of THATCamp-in-box – it will really help us all to scale. I’m interested in working towards a Melbourne THATCamp too, Craig. Paul Ashton and I also have plenty of eager volunteers at the Writing and Publishing Programme to help you organize.

By: Amanda French Thu, 08 Apr 2010 17:18:44 +0000 Good to hear from you, Craig! I was thinking of you guys down in Australia the other day. I had a column in my spreadsheet for whether a THATCamp was in Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter — I thought that might be easier for people to commit to, on first registration, than a particular date. But then I remembered that our winter is your summer and vice versa, so I scrapped it. 🙂

Hope you have a great time at TC London.

By: Craig Bellamy Thu, 08 Apr 2010 05:28:07 +0000 Hello Amanda,

I like the THATCamp concept a lot and look forward to attending my first one at King’s College in London. There are a number of us in Melbourne, Australia who may be interested in holding a THATCamp event as well.

All the best,


By: Amanda French Wed, 31 Mar 2010 19:34:34 +0000 Hmm, thought-provoking, Jon. I remember a historian I once studied with said that “first” was a category of great economic import for the Public History biz — which is just to say that I was going to protest that our informal, kidding term “THATCamp Prime” is only meant to suggest that it was the first THATCamp, not a more important one, but I do see that even that insistence on “first” creates a hierarchy.

For what it’s worth, I’ll say that about the only measurable difference I’m aware of between the THATCamp in Fairfax at CHNM and the burgeoning Regional THATCamps is that attendees at the latter are eligible for the newly-granted Mellon micro-fellowships, whereas THATCamp Fairfax is not. I think all the THATCamps will have rather different foci and even structure, to some extent, but certainly there’s no intent to create any kind of hierarchy.

By: Jon Voss Tue, 23 Mar 2010 23:32:24 +0000 Hey Amanda,
This is indeed great news!

I don’t want to be a total buzzkill, but one thing I’d (somewhat hesitantly) like to just throw out one consideration as the regional model becomes a little more formalized.

Hierarchy seems to be a natural function of human networks. Perhaps in spite of that, I love the work, emphasis and care that CHNM has put into keeping THATcamps non-hierarchical, as mentioned in your regional guidelines. It’s certainly part of what makes it so exciting and successful–everyone has something to contribute.

“It is also non-hierarchical: THATcamps welcome graduate students, scholars, librarians, archivists, museum professionals, developers and programmers, administrators, managers, and funders.”

Here you’re talking about people attending THATcamp, but I wonder if we can extend that to the various THATcamps around the world themselves.

As the idea grows and more THATcamps take place around the world, I wonder if we should avoid putting more value or import on one camp or another. This isn’t to say that some won’t be better than others for any number of factors, but I’d hate to see people competing to get to one or another because it’s deemed that one particular THATcamp is more important than another, especially when space is necessarily limited.

On the other hand, maybe one should be more important than another and there is a place and a need for that kind of hierarchy? Maybe some people of regions do have more to contribute than others? I don’t have the answer, and only pose the question. Perhaps it will become obvious over time. Or maybe there should be regional, national, or global THATcamps? Maybe some will focus more on archivists, some on historians? Maybe it will depend if it is held in conjunction with another conference, like SAA.

I do question whether the term THATcamp Prime captures the meaning you’re looking for with that particular gathering. Maybe it would be helpful to know how it is different than others, or how the focus might be different.

In any case, I’m extremely grateful to have been involved in THATcamp Great Lakes this past weekend and thrilled that there are more resources available to continue these efforts.